Stelvio Pass:

A mountain pass in northern Italy; the highest paved path in the Eastern Alps. Often called “the world’s greatest road.”

The most beautiful journey in the world requires precise care and the awareness to react to the twists and turns of the road before you.

We understand the road ahead

A delivery is never just about a delivery. We take the long view, considering how simplified, cost-efficient transportation solutions can help you meet your company performance goals. Logistics is much more than space on a truck. We know that, with every delivery where you meet customer expectations, you win loyalty – and grow your business. We partner with you to deliver consistent, reliable, safe, and proactive solutions that get what you need where you need it to go.

As a strategic logistics partner, we’ll think forward to how to continuously improve your rate of successful deliveries and your customer satisfaction while managing your costs in the most responsible way. You’ve done the hard part: you have made the sales. Now, you need a logistics partner that will make you look your best at the finish line.

We have earned our partnership with some of the world’s leading companies, including Amazon and FedEx, by providing service that’s always a step above. Find out why.

Hand us the baton. Sit back. Enjoy the view.

Our Leadership

We take the long view, considering how simplified, cost-efficient transportation solutions can help you meet your company performance goals.

OMAR ALIChief Executive Officer

Where you see a successful logistics company, Omar was probably involved. Throughout his more than 20 years of experience in private equity and in corporate management, he has played a key role in numerous transportation & logistics companies including: AirAsia (listed on the MYX), essDOCS, Inchcape Shipping Services, SpiceJet (sold to the Sun Group) and Wave Shipping (sold to Supreme Group). To date, he has been involved in the successful launch, advising, and sales of businesses across Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Omar makes sure we’re providing companies with a partnership that goes far beyond just service. He guides Stelvio initiatives to deliver top-notch logistics solutions that align with clients’ long-term financial and operational needs. His extensive experience advising shipping companies gives him unique insight into the crucial role logistics play in the bigger picture of a business’s success.

He’s no stranger to driving the Stelvio Pass — his (half) Italian roots have brought him back again and again, whether to earn his MBA from Bocconi School of Management in Milan or to serve as the West Coast Venture Partner to Vertis Sgr, a leading Italian venture capital firm. Given his Pakistani and Italian background, Omar is known to have excellent taste buds and pretends to be a world-class chef. When not providing superior logistics solutions to ambitious companies, he daydreams at his desk about winning the 5th World Cup for Italy. A happily married, proud father, he’s no stranger to online shopping. And he can tell you this: Stelvio does it better.

CHRISTIAN PEREZChief of Staff, Safety & Fleet

Our safety czar, Christian has had a single-minded dedication to customer service and safety for over 15  years. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with the high responsibility of getting your precious deliveries across the finish line. For years, he managed local routes for FedEx Ground. And, not to brag, but the work he did enabled them to grow those local sectors. So if you’re looking to create successful delivery solutions that pave the way for you to expand your business, you’re looking at the right guy.

But don’t take our word for it. Christian’s track record is unparalleled: he’s won numerous Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for Southern California and San Diego Terminal selected him as Contractor of the Year. Zero (yes, zero) safety accidents earned him a Safety Excellence Award in 2012, and the hits keep coming. He doesn’t just make our staff and safety decisions – he makes the best ones.

Christian’s passion for safety is second only to his passion for sports. Furing Padres season, and you can hear him from his seat a mile away.

EDUARDO SOTOChief Operations Officer

If you want to get it done right, you call Eduardo. With experience spanning the United States, Mexico and Canada, Eduardo is our operations guru. His disciplined, innovative approach to developing the right logistics solutions allow us to provide scalable, reliable solutions for even the largest or most complicated projects – with ease.

His personal touch likely comes from his experience in the hospitality industry. For the past many years, he’s been Stelvio’s go-to guy to make sure your deliveries get exactly where you need to be, when you expect them there.

A graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana in International Business Management and recipient of a diploma in Industrial Safety as well, Eduardo is fluent in both English and Spanish.

When clients are happy and customers are holding their deliveries, he checks out to enjoy traveling and outdoor activities with his family. And Omar better watch out: Eduardo is convinced his team can take the World Cup any day.